Lunch & Learn

$350.00 - Maximum 8 Spaces


Spring 2020


Indian food is among the leading cuisines of the world, yet it is commonly thought of as unapproachable and intimidating by the home cook. This class with Biji Dining’s Harry Mangat seeks to demystify Indian cuisine and embolden you to use flavorful spices in your cooking. We will be looking beyond the world of curry and butter chicken, and into the world of healthy, homey food that you would typically find in Indian homes.

The class begins with a conversation on the vast range of spices that Indian cooks use in their cuisine. Harry will share about spice blends used in different parts of India and invite participants to customize their own spice blend. The spice blends will be used in the cooking during the class.

A tiffin is India’s version of a lunchbox with separate components that form a healthy and well-balanced meal. The class structure, that is inspired by the Indian tiffin, would cover:

Daal is an essential staple in Indian cuisine comprising of lentils and spices

Sabzi is a term that refers to a cooked Indian vegetable dish. Practically every Indian household has a signature sabzi and it is an integral part of the Indian meal wherever you go in India. We will be cooking a sabzi with seasonal vegetables in the class.

A meat dish is a key part of the Indian tiffin, often in the form of lamb or chicken.

Indian breads are a big part of Indian cuisine. We will be looking at dhokla, a savoury steamed cake made with chickpea flour and topped with tempered spices. We will also be making roti from ancient grains for this class.

Chena Poda – Forget about the trending Spanish Basque cheesecake, this “burnt” cheesecake from the Indian state of Odisha is made with paneer, raisins, cashew, semolina, cardamom and whey from paneer making. It is traditionally lined with leaves from a Sal tree that is native to the Indian subcontinent and then cooked over charcoal in a pot called patila or patili to form an amazingly caramelized cheesecake.

Join Harry around the table for a stunning lunch and wine. This is a great primer to Indian cuisine from one of Melbourne’s most celebrated Indian chefs. Book now, a limited eight spaces are available only.