Pamelia Chia

Chef & Author


(Image: @goldandgrit)


Pamelia was born and raised in Singapore. Though she graduated with an Honours’ degree in Food Science and Technology, she decided to pursue her love for food and traded a food scientist’s lab coat for chef whites. In Singapore, she worked at the Michelin-starred Candlenut, which fanned her love for regional ingredients, traditional food and artisanal ways of preparing food from scratch. It spurred her to write her first cookbook, Wet Market to Table, an ode to Singapore’s wet markets and its unique produce.


Pamelia moved to Melbourne in 2018, when her husband decided to pursue his Masters’ degree in Agricultural Sciences. She has staged at Etta and worked at Carlton Wine Room and Sakana. She has also collaborated with Merchant Road, a catering and events social enterprise, to host dinners.


Her deepest interest being the preservation and celebration of Singaporean food heritage, she founded Singapore Noodles, a one-stop online platform on Singaporean food culture that comprises a podcast, video tutorials and a trusted recipe resource.


Instagram @pameliachia @sgpnoodles