Peter Booth

Advocate & Food Scientist

Author of A Charcuterie Diary & Feathered



Peter Booth is a Melbourne lawyer who is a self-taught charcutier with an avid interest in cooking, food and wine. His science degree (B.Sc (Hons)) explains his interest in the technical aspects of meat curing and smoking. His book, ‘A Charcuterie Diary’, is a record of his experience and drawn from a diary in which he kept recipes, observations and the results over the past four years. Hence, the title to the book. It was written primarily because the books that were available to him he did not find helpful. The book has won a Gourmand award.

He has since turned his gastronomic gaze on poultry with his second title Feathered, which focuses on how to cook poultry and game birds. ‘Feathered’ has since won two Gourmand awards. Best cookbook in Australia, Single Subject category and one of the three best cookbooks in the world, in the same category, namely Single Subject.


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