Timothy Hill & Partners Hill




Previously a director of Donovan Hill, Timothy Hill recently established Partners Hill to continue participating in building, researching, advocating and teaching. His prior experience in collaborations has yielded the C House, D House, HH House, State Library of Queensland, Santos Place, Cornwall Apartments, Translational Research Institute and the Neville Bonner Building. Timothy was creative director of the 2007 RAIA National Conference, introducing a more ‘lounge-like’ format and boosting student participation. He has spoken at conference events globally, consulted and deliberated on juries, and taught in most Australian cities. His current preoccupations include non-family housing, post-white-cube galleries, civic landscapes, historical architectural styles and the scope for interior design in Australia. The architects at Partners Hill – Michael, Andrew, Domenic, Jonathan, Simon, Bridgette – were instrumental in the design of Daylesford Longhouse.


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Website https://www.partnershill.com/