A Little Spice is Nice
Lunch & Learn



31 October 2021


A Little Spice is Nice

Have you fallen in love with the roti at Melbourne’s restaurants and are dying to learn how to recreate this buttery flatbread at home? In this Lunch & Learn, Singaporean chef Pamelia Chia of Singapore Noodles will share all the tips and tricks you need to make authentic, flaky roti at home. The roti will be paired with an aromatic chicken curry and an array of assorted side dishes such as achar and beef rendang.

In this class you will learn:

Roti A flatbread that is made without yeast, stretched out thinly and layered with ghee. You will learn to make some variations using the same dough, including plain roti, egg roti and coin roti.

Singaporean-style chicken curry A popular chicken curry in Singapore that is especially fragrant with pandan and spices.

A feast of roti, curry and assorted condiments will then be served, family-style joining Pamelia at our table for a stunning lunch and wine. This is an incredible opportunity to learn the secrets of how to make Singaporean-style curry and flaky roti.