The Whole Bean
A soybean cooking class
with Holly Davis



11 April 2021


The Whole Bean

Making tofu from soybeans is simpler than you may think and can provide 5 distinct high-protein, nutritious products. These can be utilized in may ways. Learn to make and use soy milk, okara, yuba, oboro, and the better known, trusty tofu. We will then prepare each of these in the seasonal lunch that we will make and share together.

This class is taught by Holly Davis, author of Ferment, A Guide to the Ancient Art of Culturing Foods. Holly will dispel your soy fears and give you the good oil on soy. If you’d like to add a tofu making kit for $80, it would include beans, tofu press, cheesecloth and nigari salt.

In this class you will learn:

Soy milk – made fresh, this is nothing like that which pours from a store bought version, a treat for now and then.

Okara – this is what is left of the beans once they have been ground and squeezed. Fibre rich protein source that makes a fabulous fritter and more.

Yuba- This is made from the skin that forms on the soy milk, a fabulous chewy protein rich product.

Oboro- Clouds of soy protein, delicate and delightful in broth.

Tofu – known and well loved by some, feared by many. Let me convert you, the taste and texture of the real deal will surely turn your head.